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What a perfect time to replace that old air conditioning and heating system with a new Carrier system from the number one HVAC company in the state of Alabama, Wagner Air Conditioning Service.  Take advantage of our pre-season sale now. 


Here at Wagner Air Conditioning Service, we take pride in providing the industry’s best service at affordable prices to Dothan and also the surrounding areas.  As part of our customer service, we never recommend a new HVAC install unless it was warranted.  We also offer free estimates on all HVAC installs and we have affordable monthly financing available. Wagner Air Conditioning Services is the local choice for all your air conditioning and heating installations.

Air Conditioning and Heating Installations near me in Dothan, Alabama

If you are experiencing any of the following you need a new air conditioner system.

  • Air Conditioning and Heating unit is 10+ years old
  • Increase in Energy Bills
  • Frequent Breakdowns
  • Excessive Dust and also Humidity

Everyone wants an air conditioning and heating system that is safe, cost-effective, and also dependable. 

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Some of the benefits to having a new air conditioning and heating system installed include; lowering your energy bills, avoiding the hassle of frequent breakdowns during those hot summer months here in Alabama, getting rid of costly repairs to an old system, and also improved safety.   You will also get improved air quality for your family and also the peace of mind knowing that your comfort system will last for many years to come.  As an added benefit you will receive a 10-year limited warranty and also an increase in the resale value of your home.

Here at Wagner Air Conditioning Service, we love our customers and therefore that is why we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.   Our qualified installers are factory authorized and also trained to guide you through the HVAC selection process making sure you get the right size, seer, and also make of air conditioning system that fits your needs.  A reliable cost-efficient cooling system is necessary in providing you with a comfortable indoor environment.  With Wagner Air Conditioning Service you will get exceptional service and also the best that Carrier has to offer.

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